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AEOS - Energised Organics

AEOS Energized Organics With Crystal Essences and Colour 


AEOS is an award-winning skincare brand from England goes beyond the essential nutrients that aid a beautiful complexion. It goes even beyond supporting your emotional well-being through crystal essence and colour. 


The Alchemy of Pure Beauty


Imagine skincare that can have a direct beneficial effect on the human energy field. AEOS’ spagyric tinctures – liquid gems and crystals, such as rose quartz, amethyst, emerald, and sapphire, prepared using ancient alchemical techniques – are created to do precisely that.


Formed following the alchemical laws practiced by Hippocrates – a pioneer in the history of modern medicine – and paired with our cutting-edge skincare formulas, spagyric crystal tinctures provide a truly unique approach to holistic skincare and well-being. By separating, purifying and re-combining materials, only that which is most pure and beneficial is united in our spagyric crystal tinctures supercharging our skincare to help deliver therapeutic effects for body, mind and soul alike.

Why so Special? 


  • Use Spagyric crystal tinctures that supercharge their skincare to help deliver therapeutic effects for body, mind, and soul

  • Use biodynamic and organic ingredients

  • No man-made pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers

  • 100% certified organic essential oils

  • 100% natural preservatives

  • Use water drawn from a natural artesian ground source, free from any potential physical or energetic contaminants found in tap water

  • Use supercritical CO2 extraction methods to preserve its full properties

  • Entirely vegan and cruelty-free

The Power of Color 


Our emotions can affect our physical bodies and skin - so our skin can reflect long-standing emotional states. Colours have the power to enhance our emotional well-being, which in turn can enhance the wellbeing of our bodies and our skin - kindling the radiance within also helps us to glow on the outside. The plant pigments and spagyric tinctures of gems and crystals are specially created to support this process.  

Company name:      Aura-Soma Products Ltd

Brand name:            AEOS Energized Organics

Business nature:      Brand owner

Country of origin:   United Kingdom

We are looking for distribution in the following areas:

China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, and UAE

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