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Anumi Skincare

Founded in Australia in 2010, ‘anumi’ (derived from ‘A New Me’) is a 100% natural and organic skincare brand that provides skin health benefits for the whole family.


“Our skin is the largest organ in the human body.  It breathes in and absorbs everything it touches, meaning that the ingredients in our skincare products can have the same impact on our health as the food we eat every day,” explained Belinda, the brand’s founder and mother of two daughters. By introducing anumi, we want every member in the family to become ‘A New Me’ by choosing health-compatible products that can help them stay in an optimal state of health.”   


A Family Tree of Products for Everyone 


Everyone’s needs in the family are different, so there is no such thing as ‘one product fits all’.  Belinda noticed that skincare brands in the market seldom offer a comprehensive range to suit the needs of different family members. That has driven her to create her own skincare brand, the 100% Australian-made anumi products with specific formulations spanning different age groups and skin types. Today, anumi is a well-recognized natural skincare brand in Australia with over 90 products ranging from certified organic skincare to natural hair & body care, baby care, essential oil products and botanical soaps.  Its products are available at over 600 outlets across Asia Pacific including Australia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Brunei, not to mention having its own Wellness Centers in more than one country.

Award-winning Brand with High Safety Standards


Anumi has set higher safety standards for all its products. That is why they have been awarded ‘Quality Organic Retailer’ in Hong Kong for 3 consecutive years.


“Our products have also won various awards including the 2017 Glosscar Award ‘Runner-up Best New Product’ for Pregnancy from Beauty Heaven, Australia’s largest beauty social media network for our 'Mummy Soother - Stretch Mark Oil”. 


“Furthermore, our ‘Sooth-Me-Tender Baby Lotion’ has made it into the World Green Organization’s White List of baby personal care products.  This testifies that our product has achieved a high safety benchmark for biological testing, chemical analysis and international ingredients standards, adding to our customers’ confidence and peace-of-mind,” Belinda said.

Wellness Centers as Customer Interaction Platforms


The Wellness Centers in Australia, Hong Kong and Brunei are charged with the role of the continuous development of anumi products.  Belinda aspires to be more than just creating a skincare brand with a concept – she hopes to develop leading-edge natural skincare products that evolve ‘organically’ over time based on user feedback. By providing a platform for quality customer interactions, anumi can collect valuable feedback which in turn helps it refine its products. Belinda says that a host of Wellness Centers are under way in China and Taiwan, as well as in other cities across Australia and Brunei to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

Combining 100% Natural with Uncompromised Performance


A common perception is that natural and organic skincare products are good for your skin health but may not produce effective desirable skincare results. This is where anumi begs to differ.  “Our vision is to develop state-of-the-art and effective skincare formulations using carefully selected natural and organic active ingredients,” said Belinda. 

The essence of anumi products is perhaps best captured in Belinda’s words, “Customers see anumi’s brand value not only in terms of its ‘skincare’ functions, but for its ability to promote genuine ‘skin health’.  They understand that our concern goes way beyond skin deep – a reassurance in the health and well-being of the entire family is of utmost concern to us.”

Company name:      Anumi Skincare Australia

Brand name:            Anumi Skincare

Business nature:      Brand owner

Country of origin:   Australia

Current export markets: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia 

We are looking for distribution in the following areas:

All regions including Europe, Asia, Middle East, North and South America.

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