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The New Quality in Skincare 


D’ALCHÉMY is a new luxury organic and natural anti-aging skincare brand. It has already wowed a wide audience of European clients and has been called the Discovery of the Year. D’ALCHÉMY’s products are of unique quality – extremely efficacious, long-lasting but most of all safe-to-use as they undergo numerous stringent tests at every step of their making. 


D’ALCHÉMY’s definition of “natural beauty” is a radiant and bright-toned complexion, which in turn, is a reflection of superior skin health and LOHAS. D’ALCHÉMY draws its inspiration from the theory of “Holistic Beauty”, an old Alchemist philosophical concept, shared by many cultures, which expresses the human strive and desire towards perfection, inner peace and spiritual balance.


Power of NATURE 


Technologically advanced formulas address the most varied concerns and demands of the skin in order to push back time and keep the complexion bright and youthful. D’ALCHÉMY’s products contain only natural and organic active ingredients (min. 98 %) whose optimal concentration works synergistically in ideal harmony with the skin. Their efficacy is enhanced by the application of the most precious, carefully selected and purest essential oils which due to their aromatherapeutic properties have an immediate effect on the skin cells. The fragrant scents raise the beauty routine to another level of bliss.

No water. Only Plant Hydrosols.   


The brand has deliberately and consciously renounced the use of ordinary water in its compositions making itself even more unique and different from its competitors. Ordinary water has been replaced by plant hydrosols which not only act as a carrier of active ingredients but also strengthen the potency of the product formulas as they are biologically active themselves. The high biovitality of D’ALCHÉMY’s compositions is guaranteed by its bio-photonic glass packaging that protects the precious contents from UVA light disintegration.

100% VEGAN Assurance


The respect and care for the natural environment, human health and living organisms has kept D’ALCHÉMY away from potentially harmful and toxic substances. The products are free from any animal-derived (whether living or non-living) components such as caviar, collagen, lanoline, milk or honey. Additionally, no ingredient applied in D’ALCHÉMY’s formulas has been tested on animals. This makes them 100 % suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Company name:      D’Alchemy Sp. z o.o

Brand name:            D’Alchemy

Business nature:      Manufacturer, Brand owner

Country of origin:   Poland

Current export markets: EU, Hong Kong 

We are looking for distribution in the following areas:

China, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UAE, EU 

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