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Must-See Products at Cosme Tokyo 2020

COSME TOKYO 2020 – Japan's largest exhibition specialized in cosmetics will open its doors to over 900 exhibitors from 35 countries and 30,000 registered international buyers.

As the Exclusive Business Matching Partner of the show, the editorial team of Natural Beauty Buyer’s Guide has one main task. That task is to go on a hunt of sorts and come back with our picks before the show, hoping to give more sourcing ideas to buyers who want to bring home high-quality natural and organic beauty and wellness products from the show.

Strong Export Growth

Japanese beauty products are often associated with being high-quality, effective, innovative, and safe. A number of “made in Japan” cosmetics brands like Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose, Kao, and Pola have increased sharply in popularity worldwide.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Japan is the world's third largest cosmetics market after the United States and China. Japanese cosmetics exports almost doubled, to more than 500 billion yen ($4.6 billion), in the two years leading up to 2018.

China is the Largest Export Market

Notably, exports to China now account for 70 percent of Japan's total sales of cosmetics, making it the country's largest external destination for the sector.

According to a survey conducted by the Japan Tourism Agency, it is estimated that the total amount of cosmetics purchases by Chinese tourists reached 300 billion yen in 2017. Chinese tourists tend to buy what they bought in Japan via cross-border e-commerce sites upon their return home, and their word-of-mouth recommendations further boost demand for made-in-Japan cosmetics.

At Cosme Tokyo, Japanese natural indie brands are among the fastest-growing categories in the show. You will be excited to witness the imagination of these brands as they combine traditional Japanese elements such as cherry blossoms and gold leaf with cutting-edge technology to create new products that have become a “must-have” in almost every retailer’s collection.

Let’s take an exclusive first look at some exciting exhibits before the show opens next week on the 20th.

Brand: Ecott Cosme

Company: Bloom Classic Co Ltd

Booth no: 27-32

Aomori, the northernmost prefecture on the mainland of Japan, produces more than half of the total apple production in entire Japan. All products of Ecott Cosme are infused with active and biocompatible nutrients from the freshly picked apples harvested from Aomori.

Company: Plaisir Co Ltd

Booth no: 20-48

Certified by Japan Islamic Trus, a Japanese certification body recognized by the UAE Halal Certification Body and the Thai Halal Certification Body, VK sara is an all-in-one essence made with plant-based squalane, fullerene, Jojoba oil, hydrolytic collagen, and hyaluronic acid. It is the first Halal approved skincare product in Japan.

Company: Shinmei Kitchen

Booth no: 15-32

The brand was established by a local rice wholesaler that has been in business for 117 years. Rice bran is a traditional Japanese superfood that contains 80% of the nutrition of rice. All the valuable and high-quality nutrients in the rice bran used in their beauty and health products are preserved by a special cold-pressing method developed by the brand owner.

The brand is named 0.6 Rice Bran Oil because only about 0.6% of rice bran oil can be extracted from the fresh brown rice.

Brand: Machiko

Company: A & People Corporation

Booth no: 18-18

Busy mothers and working women rarely have the luxury of spending more than a few minutes on their beauty regimen. Machiko, a best-researched luxury anti-aging skincare brand, created an easy day-to-night “180 Second Care” routine for their customers. Developed by Dr. Katsuyuki Takahashi, the products are made from 16 natural ingredients (Sakura, Wasabi, Wolfberry, silk, honey and hyaluronic acid) found in Japan.

Company: Echigoyakuso Co Ltd

Booth no: 15-47

Fermented foods and beverages are produced or preserved through the activity of microorganisms, with the processes usually involving yeast or bacteria, often allowing products to be stored for a long time. These foods are said to improve digestion and enhance the immune system.

Echigoyakuso Co Ltd has been developing different fermented health foods and beverages for over 40 years. The company is located in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, which is Japan’s premier rice belt with a rich history of brewing and fermentation.

Company: Kimono Brain Co Ltd

Booth no: 20-24

"Midori Mayu Silk" is a plant-derived beauty ingredient that is rich in antioxidant flavonoids and moisture retention property, extracted from Midori Cocoon” and processed in-house at the sterile factory under Silk Life Lab. The breakthrough skincare ingredient used in the company skincare products is designed for both kids and adults with sensitive skin.

Brand: OEM

Booth: 24-64

With 65 years of experience making soap and several 5-star hotels as their clientele, Marubishi Soap Co Ltd is an OEM contract manufacturing company that helps customers to design and produce different types of bars (bar soaps, transparent soap, liquid soap, shampoo, body soap, to name just a few) using the kettle boiling and cold-pressed methods.

Company: Miyu Co Ltd

Booth no: 24-26

Haircare products from Featheraqua are silicone-free and contain a blend of amino acids, botanical fruit, and bean extracts, delivering total solutions to cleanse, moisturize, nourish, strengthen, smooth, repair, and protect every hair type and style.

Brand: YS Labo

Company: Nacure

Booth no: 20-50

If a product contains water (including hydrosols, floral water, and aloe vera juice, all of which contain water), a preservative is essential to help prevent microbes from growing. YS Lab products are water-free, meaning that there is no need to add preservatives to their products. The brand waterless technology is patented in Japan, the US, and Singapore.

Brand: Immun Age

Company: Osato

Booth: 15-11

Immun Age is a fermented papaya superfood supplement that's clinically proven to combat the internal and external signs of aging and boost the body's immune and antioxidative systems.

It is made from non-GM carica papayas from the company contract farm in Hawaii and produced by the factory certified with ISO9001, 14001, 22000, and FSSC22000.

Immun Age has been an official partner of Aston Martin Racing since 2005 as a sports nutrition product for the teams.

Company: Race KK

Booth no: 23-54

Shojin cuisine means Japanese vegetarian cuisine in Japanese. Shojin Cosme is an affordable, natural, and 100% vegan and Halal makeup brand. All the lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, mascaras or powders from Shojin Cosme are free of silicone, paraben, and fragrance and contain naturally derived ingredients, including yuzu peer oil, tea seed oil, sesame seed oil, and rice bran oil, which smell good enough to eat – but they’re non-edible!


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  • If you’re interested in receiving English or Chinese information about any of the above exhibitors, then simply reply to this email with a copy of your business card and the company you would like to get further information on and/or meet.

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At a Glance

Exhibition name: Cosme Tokyo

Date and time: 20-22 January 2020

Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan

No of edition: 8th

Show nature: Professional trade show (not open to public)

No of exhibitors: 900+

Expected no. of buyers: 30,000+

Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Japan

Exclusive Business Matching Partner



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